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  • Justin Scroggie

Pitch Competitions - 3 Good Reasons to take part

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

We have been designing, organising and judging pitch competitions around the world for many years. So obviously, we think they’re a good idea. But what are the benefits?

It’s good to win! Some festivals offer decent prizes: development money, co-production deals, even commissions (though always read the small print first).

But there are other benefits. Pitching gives you visibility. The big boys generally don’t enter pitch competitions, but many of them attend. Out there on stage, people find out who you are. They see you are active in the formats industry. They see you are creative too, as long as your idea is original and appealing. And they will admire your bravery. It takes guts to pitch privately, but pitching in front of your peers? That’s really brave.

Pitching competitions also give you feedback. Most pitches fail (yes they do) so always think of them as an opportunity to put your idea out there, listen to what people say, and rework. In a public competition, onstage feedback is usually part of the deal, and don’t be shy to ask the judges - and audience members - afterwards for their thoughts and suggestions.

Finally, pitching publicly gives your format protection. There are different ways to protect your IP, but one of the best to be first to market. Once it’s out there, in front of your peers, buyers, and competitors, it’s that much harder to rip off.

For more tips about Pitch Competitions, check out this BiteSize Masterclass we have made for competitors at the Asian Television Forum (ATF) 2020.


As a judge, what are you looking for in a pitch?

What are audiences looking for in a new format?


Should you go for a mainstream idea, or a more unique / niche one?

What are the most common mistakes people make in a pitch?

What practical preparations should you make for a pitch?


What are your top 3 points for the perfect pitch?

What are the advantages of pitching a format at international events such as ATF?

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