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We transfer formats expertise via top-quality production bibles, production consultancy, international conference design, and in-house training.

Our business is all about sharing what we know. The Format People offer a range of communication services including:


A production bible is a ‘conversation’ between the original creators and the adapting producer.

We create comprehensive readable bibles for any unscripted format. Our bibles serve as practical manuals, style guides, and documents that can be used in a court of law. Our unique bible-writing process has been adopted by FRAPA for several years as their preferred methodology.

“The 'Oye Al Chef!' Bible is amazing guys.  Very, very helpful really, thanks.”


production consultancy

A good ‘flying producer’ serves the needs of both the creators and the adapting producers.


We offer efficient production consultants with experience in many cultures, who will


  • learn your format from the inside

  • protect its essential elements, and

  • advise on any proposed areas of local adaptation.

I"If you could paint a Flying Producer, then he would be exactly like Justin Scroggie. For each question, Justin had an answer, an idea or a suggestion in what direction it could go. And in spite of his knowledge and vast experience, he has gained worldwide, he has led us a dialogue of equals. This way of dealing with us motivates us very much."


Boris Waßerka, Warner Bros. International Television Production,  Deutschland GmbH 

conference design

Conferences bring creative and commercial people together.

The Format People have been involved in the industry's major conferences for many years, as co-founders, organisers, keynote speakers, moderators, competition coordinators, and judges.

Our extended network of contacts across the industry and the globe encompasses every area of the formats business. We can offer you planned and targeted schedules, and sought-after people from fresh new talent to veteran voices of experience.

"We always look forward to collaborating with The Format People, appreciating their aptitude in the world of formats, as they bring decades of experience. We also appreciate their constant quality of participation across ATF’s conference component.”

Lulu SV Mendoza, Executive Producer / Editorial Director (ATF)


We believe in transferring knowledge and expertise to the next generation.  We also believe that learning about the whole 'ecosystem' of the formats business enables people and departments to work more effectively.

The Format People design and run in-house training programs that cover the 'A-Z of Formats' from ideation, design and pitching to production, distribution and brand extension. 

We draw from our roster of experienced Consultants to train your team, bringing in particluar specialists as required.  We are happy to share our existing training programs with you, or to design a bespoke program to suit your requirements. 

"Feedback from everyone attending has been overwhelming positive, in fact word has spread and everyone who missed out are now asking us when the next Masterclass will be held in Belfast".

ANDREW REID, Head of Production, Northern Ireland Screen

"Big thank you, everyone was satisfied with your lectures.  One of them told me it was like meeting Holy Spirit."

KOCCA (Korean Creative Content Agency). 

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