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How to Pitch A Format Successfully - a lecture for KOCCA

AUGUST 2021: The Format People continue format training in South Korea, under the auspices of KOCCA - the Korean Creative Content Agency.

The Format People have been working with KOCCA since 2011 to train producers, directors and other creatives in the art and business of television formatting, and we are delighted that so many of the people who have trained with us in the past are now creating and producing wonderful unscripted programming that is watched, applauded, and of course adapted, across the world.

This month, young creators In Seoul viewed a 2-hour lecture delivered by The Format Doctor Justin Scroggie entitled HOW TO PITCH FORMATS SUCCESSFULLY.

The comprehensive introduction to pitching TV content covered everything from Preparation to Pitch to Follow-Up, and offered advice on both the practical and psychological ways to get a good idea across quickly and positively, and make it to the next stage.

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