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Justin Scroggie co-hosting new Podcast TV SHOW AND TELL

Juicy new ‘insider’ podcast about how TV Shows are made and who makes them!

London, UK, 10 November 2021: Producer David J. Bodycombe and Format Doctor Justin Scroggie are today launching their brand new podcast TV SHOW AND TELL.

TV SHOW & TELL is a light informative look at how unscripted TV is conceived and made, hosted by two experienced TV creatives with guests from behind and in front of the camera who share insight, stories and secrets about their work.

In Episode 1 comedian Alex Horne, creator and co-host of TASKMASTER joins us to discuss tasks, treasure hunts, 'Countdown', Belgium and golf. Sneaky Peek below!

There's also the latest TV format news, 'What We've Been Watching', TV terms demystified with 'Ask the Doctor', and the inaugural game of 'Fake or Format?'. Our discussion topic is ‘Are Channels Dead?’ Finally our guest justifies the title by bringing an inspirational object to 'Show and Tell'.

Future Guests include Tom Blakeson, executive producer of THE MILLION POUND DROP, MICHAEL MCINTYRE’S THE WHEEL and LIMITLESS WIN.

“People are fascinated to learn how TV works, who comes up with the ideas, how those ideas get to air, and what went right - and wrong! - in the process,” says David Bodycombe. “So this podcast is made by people in the know, but aimed everyone who loves TV.”

“David and I have worked together for 30 years,” says Justin Scroggie. “We’re constantly chatting about TV, about what we are making, what colleagues are making, what we’re watching. Now we’ve turned it into a podcast for everybody to enjoy.”

Where to find TV SHOW AND TELL

All episodes are available free on Acast, Spotify and Apple. Join the conversation @TVShowPodcast.

About Us

David J. Bodycombe is a is a TV producer, games consultant and question editor whose credits include 'The Crystal Maze', 'Only Connect', 'The Krypton Factor', 'The Family Brain Games' and 'Tom Allen's Quizness'.

Justin Scroggie is CCO of international format consultancy The Format People, creator of global hit format CHEF IN YOUR EAR, and known in the industry as The Format Doctor.

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