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'Lucky 13th' Adaptation in Spain for Chef in Your Ear!

Chef Al Oido, the 13th adaptation of international culinary format Chef In your Ear, launches primetime on Canal Sur.

UK/USA - October 2021: Global format experts The Format People (TFP) are pleased to announce a new international adaptation of their hit cooking reality format CHEF IN YOUR EAR, bringing the total territories to-date to 'Lucky 13'.

Following the deal by distributor Warner Bros International TV Production, a full studio adaptation of the format locally titled CHEF AL OIDO launched on Andalusian public broadcaster Canal Sur on Wednesday 6th October.

Presented by the well-known Spanish actress and host Esther Arroyo who interestingly learned to cook on the phone with her mother, it runs weekly for 13 weeks in primetime. commencing at 10.45 pm.

The format sees two top chefs competing to deliver a restaurant quality dish – by remote control! The two Chefs are sealed in booths, unable to touch, taste or smell the food, and must each direct a complete kitchen novice via an earpiece to do all the preparation, cooking and plating, before the final dishes are judged by a food critic.

The format has been produced to-date in Canada (French and English), Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Mexico, Mongolia, South Korea, Brazil, Italy and Chile.

Chefs for the Andalusian version include Ale Alcántara, Loli Rincón, José Álvarez, Mauro Barreiro, Luismi López, Fernando Alcalá, Yolanda García y Celia Jiménez.

“This show is a way to known our local products and our best chefs. Incredible concepts to a public station”, said Susana Abella, broadcast producer for Canal Sur TV.

“First time Andalusian public broadcaster launches an international license at prime time: and had to be this”, said Juanele Zafra, Warner Bros Executive Producer.

“'Chef In Your Ear' is a game to all the publics, all the countries. This is not about cooking, it is a show about self-improving, self-confidence and having a great time!” said producer Eva Tovar.

For more information, please contact:

PR Representative for TFP

(Ms.) MJ Sorenson, CEO, MJ Global Communications LLC E: T: +1-917-386-7569 (New York)

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