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  • Justin Scroggie

My first meeting in the metaverse, and it went to my head ...

It had to happen sometime.

I was working on an adventure reality game, a co-production between Colombia and Spain. The Spanish team were keen to add a VR element to the show, in order to spice it up for a major streamer, so they suggested we had our next creative team meeting in the metaverse.

First problem (and one many people will relate to): In order to do the meeting, everyone involved needed to possess goggles. my colleague in Mexico rented his for the day, I borrowed some from a friend of a friend, who lives locally.

Second problem: in the metaverse you appear as lookalike avatar to others. Which is fine, unless you rent/borrow the goggles from someone else, in which case you look like them. Which I did.

Before coming to the third problem, let's consider the positives. The effect was remarkable. We gathered in a conference room, floating above Seville. Around us were screens displaying the various videos and powerpoints to be played into the meeting. In front of each os us was a flat tablet, on which we could write, draw, etc. and show the results to others.

And the sound design was extraordinary: not only did the sound (through the goggle speakers) appear to come from the lips of the avatar speaking, but those lips were lip-synced, which I really did not expect.

But, and this is Problem 3, this really only works for very short meetings. The maximum recommended immersion is 20 minutes, with lots of breaks, which doesn't work for a creative and commercial session. In the event, with people being late and various technical hiccups, we met for over an hour. And afterwards, I had the worst headache I've experienced for decades. It lasted for 24 hours, albeit fading slowly, so that I could not look at a screen until the day after the day after. Which affected my ability to work!

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