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ATF Formats Pitch organisers TFP congratulate Winner "BLOG WARS"

The winning entry of the ATF Formats Pitch 2020, organised once more by The Format People, was "Blog Wars" , a fast-paced reality travel food blog competition from Two Island in Indonesia.

“Blog Wars” pits influencers against each other, on a whirlwind race around their home countries in search of their nation’s best food experiences. Competitors must arrange their itinerary, organize their own travel, and most importantly, plan and execute a series of posts that fulfil the brief and they need to get it all up online in real time.

One of the prestigious international judges commented that the format is “appealing because it’s like a microcosm of our everyday life surrounded by social media”.

Other factors that appealed included the incorporation of social media, adaptability, sponsor-friendly content,, highly scalable budget, and the returnability of the series.

There were four other finalists for the ATF Formats Pitch 2020.

MNC Studios International (Indonesia) presented “CollaborAction”, a talent competition, where contestants have to combine two different types of talents into one performance to present a harmonious combination, such as ballet and violin.

Kansai TV (Japan) presented a game show format based on the ‘sushi go round’ style restaurant. In “Quiz Go Round”, the choices of quiz answers move on a big conveyor belt past participants, who must literally grab the correct answer.

In “The Master” by Sean Li-Wen Cheong, imagine “Survivor” meets “MMA”. It is a competition where the fighters have to live with each other in a dojo.

And Christian Gamboa presented “Rich for It”, a game show where the only goal is to reach a bag of cash that is hanging from the ceiling. However, the only way to do this is by stacking different objects on top of each other to which the player can climb to bring them closer to the prize.

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