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  • Justin Scroggie

TFP share specialist game-show knowhow with Norwegian TV School

February 2021: The Format People's CCO Justin Scroggie recently joined students at The Norwegian TV School in Lillehammer - by video link - to share his expertise in the game show genre.

After an introductory lecture by Ole Hedelmann, Professor, Idea and Format Development TV at the School, Justin discussed the process of game show development, key elements that make a game show work - or not! - the current health of the genre in the international marketplace, and the value of working in the game show genre for any TV student, before taking questions.

Game shows under discussion included recent quiz show “Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel” (BBC), classic quiz giant “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” (ITV, multiple territories), cooking competition “Chef in Your Ear” (multiple territories) which Justin created, and medical game show “Doctors vs Internet” (NRK, other territories), which Justin worked with NRK as a consultant to develop.

Other great speakers on the day included Arve Juritzen, the first Norwegian to host “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”, and Kjersti Brokhaug, producer of “Doctors vs Internet”.

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