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Chef In Your Ear


Two chefs compete to create a restaurant quality dish in 1 hour from outside the kitchen, by each directing a hopeless cook via an earpiece. 

Sold in 12 territories to date



A teen chooses their first car. To keep it, they and their parents must drive it in turn against the clock around a street course designed to damage it. Speed or Scratch? The choice is theirs.

Under option



3 pairs of contestants, one of each pair is buried alive in a remote wilderness with a key to a cash prize. Who will find their team mate first and claim the prize? And how many horrifying hours will it take?

Under option

Ranger In Your Ear

riye strap for website 2021.jpg

2 Celebrities, each paired with a wild animal in a safari park. Their challenge: to care for their animal for 48 hours, with only a park ranger in their ear, before presenting it live to the visiting public.

Available.  Sizzle.   Selected for K7 Media's Fall Favourites 2020

Artist In Your Ear


2 Celebs who say they can’t draw (let alone use a brush) paint the same still-life, coached by a different artist in their ear. Will the results surprise them? And us? And whose painting will be judged the best?


Red Carpet Dress


1 celebrity.  1 gala occasion.  3 designers,  competing to create the dress the celebrity will wear, using only recycled material and upcycled accessories.  The celebrity chooses, but only on the night do we find out which one is... The Red Carpet Dress. 

Sizzle available

W.A.G.S. - The Movie


8 wives or girlfriends of celebrities (WAGs) in a reality-TV mansion compete to be cast in a comedy heist movie, which is shot and broadcast as the final extended episode.


Vet Detective


A sick animal. Two teams of veterinary students. But which will correctly diagnose its condition? The teams hunt for clues as viewers play along.


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